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One way to get more customers and growing your online store is getting your business or product featured in a major publication or website. Getting press coverage is not only important to drive traffic to your online store, but also a way to gain trust in your industry. Being mentioned by major blogs or newspapers gives your business social proof, which will lead to more sales and more press coverage.

A professional press kit presents your product and brand, gives access to photos and other marketing material, gives social proof by listing press coverage, and makes it easy for journalist to get information about your store.

PresskitHero makes it dead simple to create a professional looking press kit. No coding required. No need to hire a designer.

With the app you can

  • Create a list of press coverage you received... giving your store social proof ("as seen on")
  • Present your product and brand
  • Upload images and other marketing material

PresskitHero takes all the information you enter, and automatically generates a well designed and responsive (optimized for mobile and tablets) press kit directly on your Shopify store.

Press coverage
"Sure it helps if you do part of our job for us by providing screencaps, funding info, possible competitors, current functionality, future plans and launch dates, etc "
How To Get Our Attention, A Case Study
TechCrunch - August 01, 2010
"Public relations professionals say creating a good press kit is as important as having a website or customer service hotline these days."
How to Put Together a Press Kit
Inc. - September 10, 2010
"People equated our marketing materials with how our final product would look and feel"
Marketing Materials that Impact
Fast Company - May 27, 2010
"A press kit provides reporters, investors, and analysts with vital information about a company's composition"
How to Create Buzz for Your Business
New York Times - August 18, 2010
Mobile Excellence Award - June 06, 2015
Best Mobile App Award - April 06, 2015
Wolfram Müller
CEO / Founder
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